Adrenaline Cafe

Refuel with us


Feeling a little low on energy? Why not visit our in house cafe for barista made coffees with beans from Blacklist Coffee Roasters. If you’re after a refreshing drink without the buzz, we offer a range of specialty iced and hot tea blends from Teassential and a selection of bottled drinks. Located just a few steps from the bouldering area, you won’t need to go far to stay hydrated and staying at your best!



Espresso/Short Macchiato



Flat White/Latte/Cappucinno/Long Black



Iced Coffee/Long Black



Iced Coffee with Ice Cream



Extra Shot/Soy Milk





English Breakfast/Genmaicha



Specialty Iced Teas


  • Hibiscus & Green Tea
  • Orange & Rooibos
  • Chia Seed & Citrus



Bottled Water



Coconut Water



Hot Chocolate