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Slide Birthdays School groups
Top Rope For all ages and beginner-friendly. Climbers are harnessed and require a belayer who controls the safety rope perfect for group events

Slide Bouldering Our bouldering grades cater from beginners to advanced climbers. Climb free from harnesses and ropes, on walls no higher than 4.5m. The high density foam mats ensure you fall safely. Beginner's 4-week course

Slide Lead For intermediate to advanced. Harness and belayer are required.
Along the route, the climber clips their rope into quickdraws bolted onto the walls.
  • Casual visit
  • $23
    per adult
  • Valid for full-day
  • Discounted prices for children and concession
  • 10 visits
  • $205
    per adult
  • Valid for 12 months
  • Discounted prices for children and concession